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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LangChain Hub?

LangChain Hub lets you discover, version control, and experiment with different prompts for LangChain and LLMs in general directly in your browser.

How do I share a private prompt with my teammates?

You can share prompts within a LangSmith organization by uploading them within a shared organization.

First, create an API key for your organization, then set the variable in your development environment:

export LANGCHAIN_HUB_API_KEY = "ls__.."

Then, you can upload prompts to the organization. Assuming your organization's handle is "my-organization":

from langchain import hub

prompt = ...
hub.push("my-organization/my-prompt-name", prompt, new_repo_is_public=False)

Now, all your team-members within your LangSmith organization will be able to view, pull, and open the prompt in the playground.

Why can't I push anything other than prompts?

Hub currently only supports LangChain prompt objects. We are working on adding support for more!

If you have a specific request, please join the hub-feedback discord channel and let us know!

Can I upload a prompt to the hub from a LangSmith Trace?

Coming soon!

Can LangChain Hub do ____?

Maybe, and we'd love to hear from you! Please join the hub-feedback discord channel

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