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LangSmith is a platform for building production-grade LLM applications.

It lets you debug, test, evaluate, and monitor chains and intelligent agents built on any LLM framework and seamlessly integrates with LangChain, the go-to open source framework for building with LLMs.

LangSmith is developed by LangChain, the company behind the open source LangChain framework.


Quick Start

Next Steps

Check out the following sections to learn more about LangSmith:

  • User Guide: Learn about the workflows LangSmith supports at each stage of the LLM application lifecycle.
  • Setup: Learn how to create an account, obtain an API key, and configure your environment.
  • Pricing: Learn about the pricing model for LangSmith.
  • Self-Hosting: Learn about self-hosting options for LangSmith.
  • Tracing: Learn about the tracing capabilities of LangSmith.
  • Evaluation: Learn about the evaluation capabilities of LangSmith.
  • Prompt Hub Learn about the Prompt Hub, a prompt management tool built into LangSmith.

Additional Resources

Contact Sales

If you're interested in enterprise security and admin features, special deployment options, or access for large teams, reach out to speak with sales.