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Designed for early stage startups building AI applicationsDesigned for hobbyists who want to start their adventure soloEverything in Developer, plus team features, higher rate limits, and longer data retentionDesigned for teams with more security, deployment, and support needs
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  • Free for 1 user
  • 5,000 free traces per month
  • Additional traces billed @ $0.005/trace
  • $39/user
  • 10,000 free traces per month
  • Additional traces billed @ $0.005/trace
What to expect:

We want all early stage companies to build with LangSmith. LangSmith for Startups offers discounted prices and a generous free, monthly trace allotment, so you can have the right tooling in place as you grow your business.
Key features:
  • 1 Developer seat
  • Debugging traces
  • Dataset collection
  • Testing and evaluation
  • Prompt management
  • Monitoring

Key features:
  • All features in Developer tier
  • Up to 10 seats
  • Hosted LangServe (beta)
  • Longer data retention
  • Higher rate limits
  • Email support
Key features:
  • All features in Plus tier
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Negotiable SLAs
  • Deployment options in customer’s environment
  • Custom rate limits
  • Team trainings
  • Shared Slack channel
  • Architectural guidance
  • Dedicated customer success manager

Plan Comparison

Debugging Traces
Dataset Collection
Human Labeling
Testing and Evaluation
Prompt Management
Hosted LangServe--
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Developer Seats1 Free SeatMaximum 10 seats
$39 per seat/month1
Unlimited seats
Custom pricing
Collaborator Seats----Coming Soon!
Trace Details
TracesFirst 5k traces per month for free.
$0.005 per trace thereafter2
First 10k traces per month for free.
$0.005 per trace thereafter2
Rate Limits
Max ingested events / hour350,0003 / 250,000500,000Custom
Total trace size storage / hour4500MB3 / 2.5GB5GBCustom
Security Controls
Single Sign On--Google
Custom SSO
DeploymentHosted in USHosted in USAdd-on for self-hosted
deployment in customer's VPC
Support ChannelsCommunityEmailEmail
Shared Slack Channel
Shared Slack Channel----
Team Training----
Application Architectural Guidance----
Dedicated Customer Success Manager----
BillingMonthly, self-serve
Credit Card
Monthly, self-serve
Credit Card
Annual Invoice
Custom Terms and Data Privacy Agreement----
Infosec Review----
1 Seats are billed monthly on the first of the month and in the future will be prorated if additional seats are purchased in the middle of the month. Seats removed mid-month are not credited.
2 You can purchase LangSmith credits for your tracing usage. As long as you have a valid credit card in your account, we’ll service your traces and deduct from your credit balance. You’ll be able to set alerts and auto top-ups on credits if you choose.
3 Personal accounts without a credit card on file will be rate limited to 50,000 ingested events per hour and 500MB of storage per hour.
4 Trace storage includes all submitted inputs, outputs, and metadata and is aggregated over all submission events. Depending on the design of your application, trace data may be sent multiple times (e.g. once at the start of a trace step and again after it is complete)

Questions and Answers

I’ve been using LangSmith since before pricing took effect for new users. When will pricing go into effect for my account?

If you’ve been using LangSmith already, your usage will be billable starting sometime in May. At that point if you want to add seats or use more than the monthly allotment of free traces, you will need to add a credit card to LangSmith or contact sales. If you are interested in the Enterprise plan with higher rate limits and special deployment options, you can learn more or make a purchase by reaching out to

Which plan is right for me?

If you’re an individual developer, the Developer plan is a great choice for small projects.

For teams that want to collaborate in LangSmith, check out the Plus plan. If you are an early-stage startup building an AI application, you may be eligible for our Startup plan with discounted prices and a generous free monthly trace allotment. Please reach out via our Startup Contact Form for more details.

If you need more advanced administration, authentication and authorization, deployment options, support, or annual invoicing, the Enterprise plan is right for you. Please reach out via our Sales Contact Form for more details.

What is a seat?

A seat is a distinct user inside your organization. We consider the total number of users (including invited users) to determine the number of seats to bill.

What is a trace?

A trace is one complete invocation of your application chain or agent, evaluator run, or playground run. Here is an example of a single trace.

What is an ingested event?

An ingested event is any distinct, trace-related data sent to LangSmith. This includes:

  • Inputs, outputs and metadata sent at the start of a run step within a trace
  • Inputs, outputs and metadata sent at the end of a run step within a trace
  • Feedback on run steps or traces

I’ve hit my rate or usage limits. What can I do?

If you’ve consumed the monthly allotment of free traces in your account, you can add a credit card on the Developer and Plus plans to continue sending traces to LangSmith. If you’ve hit the rate limits on your tier, you can upgrade to a higher plan to get higher limits, or reach out to with questions.

I have a developer account, can I upgrade my account to the Plus or Enterprise plan?

Every user will have a unique personal account on the Developer plan. We cannot upgrade a Developer account to the Plus or Enterprise plans. If you’re interested in working as a team, create a separate LangSmith Organization on the Plus plan. This plan can upgraded to the Enterprise plan at a later date.

How will billing work?

Seats are billed monthly on the first of the month in the future will be pro-rated if additional seats are purchased in the middle of the month. Seats removed mid-month will not be credited.

As long as you have a card on file in your account, we’ll service your traces and bill you on the first of the month for traces that you submitted in the previous month. You will be able to set usage limits if you so choose to limit the maximum charges you could incur in any given month.

How can my track my usage so far this month?

Under the Settings section for your Organization you will see subsection for Usage. There, you will able to see a graph of the daily nunber of billable LangSmith traces from the last 30, 60, or 90 days. Note that this data is delayed by 1-2 hours and so may trail your actual number of runs slightly for the current day.

I have a question about my bill...

Customers on the Developer and Plus plan tiers should email Customers on the Enterprise plan should contact their sales representative directly.

Enterprise plan customers are billed annually by invoice.

What can I expect from Support?

On the Developer plan, community-based support is available on Discord.

On the Plus plan, you will also receive preferential, email support at for LangSmith-related questions only and we'll do our best to respond within the next business day.

On the Enterprise plan, you’ll get white-glove support with a Slack channel, a dedicated customer success manager, and monthly check-ins to go over LangSmith and LangChain questions. We can help with anything from debugging, agent and RAG techniques, evaluation approaches, and cognitive architecture reviews. If you purchase the add-on to run LangSmith in your environment, we’ll also support deployments and new releases with our infra engineering team on-call.

Where is my data stored?

When using LangSmith hosted at, data is stored in GCP region us-central-1. If you’re on the Enterprise plan, we can deliver LangSmith to run on your kubernetes cluster in AWS, GCP, or Azure so that data never leaves your environment.

Is LangSmith SOC 2 compliant?

We are in the process of getting our getting our SOC 2 certification. We will update the page when we’re certified.

Will you train on the data that I send LangSmith?

We will not train on your data, and you own all rights to your data. See LangSmith Terms of Service for more information.

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