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Production Monitoring & Automations

Closely inspecting key data points, growing benchmarking datasets, annotating traces, and drilling down into important data in trace view are workflows you’ll also want to do once your app hits production. It's also crucial to get a high-level overview of application performance with respect to latency, cost, and feedback scores. This ensures that it's delivering desirable results at scale.

In order to facilitate this, LangSmith supports a series of workflows to support production monitoring and automations. This includes support for easily exploring and visualizing key production metrics, as well as support for defining automations to process the data.

To get started, check out the Quick Start Guide.

After that, peruse the Concepts Section to better understand the different components involved with monitoring and automations.

If you want to learn how to accomplish a particular task, check out our comprehensive How-To Guides

For example use cases, check out the Use Cases page.

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