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Trace with Instructor (Python only)

We provide a convenient integration with Instructor, a popular open-source library for generating structured outputs with LLMs.

In order to use, you first need to set your LangSmith API key.

export LANGCHAIN_API_KEY=<your-api-key>

Next, you will need to install the LangSmith SDK:

pip install -U langsmith

Wrap your OpenAI client with langsmith.wrappers.wrap_openai

from openai import OpenAI
from langsmith import wrappers

client = wrappers.wrap_openai(OpenAI())

After this, you can patch the wrapped OpenAI client using instructor:

import instructor

client = instructor.patch(client)

Now, you can use instructor as you normally would, but now everything is logged to LangSmith!

from pydantic import BaseModel

class UserDetail(BaseModel):
name: str
age: int

user =
{"role": "user", "content": "Extract Jason is 25 years old"},

Oftentimes, you use instructor inside of other functions. You can get nested traces by using this wrapped client and decorating those functions with @traceable. Please see this guide for more information on how to annotate your code for tracing with the @traceable decorator.

# You can customize the run name with the `name` keyword argument
@traceable(name="Extract User Details")
def my_function(text: str) -> UserDetail:
{"role": "user", "content": f"Extract {text}"},

my_function("Jason is 25 years old")

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