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Push/pull a prompt

Install packages

pip install -U langchain langchainhub langchain-openai

Configure environment variables

If you already have LANGCHAIN_API_KEY set to your current workspace's api key from LangSmith, you can skip this step.

Otherwise, get an API key for your workspace by navigating to Settings > API Keys > Create API Key in LangSmith.

Set your environment variable.

export LANGCHAIN_HUB_API_KEY="lsv2_..."

Pull a prompt and use it

You can pull your own private prompts and all of the public prompts in the LangChain Hub.

SDK version

If you're using Python and encounter the error: Identifier must be in the format of owner/repo:commit or owner/repo, you need to update your package version. You can do this by running:

pip install -U langchainhub

To pull a private prompt or your own public prompt you do not need to specify the LangChain Hub handle (though you can, if you have one set).

To pull a public prompt from the LangChain Hub, you need to specify the handle of the prompt's author.

from langchain import hub

# pull a private prompt
prompt = hub.pull("my-private-prompt")

# pull a public prompt
public_prompt = hub.pull("efriis/my-first-prompt")

You can also pull a specific commit of a prompt by specifying the commit hash.

prompt = hub.pull('my-private-prompt:12344e88')
publicPrompt = hub.pull("efriis/my-first-prompt:56489e79")

Here's an example of pulling a prompt from the LangChain Hub and using it in a runnable.

from langchain import hub

# pull a chat prompt
prompt = hub.pull("efriis/my-first-prompt")

# create a model to use it with
from langchain_openai import ChatOpenAI
model = ChatOpenAI()

# use it in a runnable
runnable = prompt | model
response = runnable.invoke({
"profession": "biologist",
"question": "What is special about parrots?",


Push a prompt

You can push an update to an already-existing prompt or create a new one. If you specify a prompt name that exists in your workspace, a new version of your prompt will be committed. If you specify a new prompt name, a new prompt will be created.

from langchain import hub
from import ChatPromptTemplate

prompt = ChatPromptTemplate.from_template("tell me a joke about {topic}")

hub.push("topic-joke-generator", prompt, new_repo_is_public=False)

"Prompt" used to be called "repo", so any references to "repo" in the code are referring to a prompt.

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