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Set up access control


RBAC (Role-Based Access Control) is a feature that is only available to Enterprise customers. If you are interested in this feature, please contact our sales team at Other plans default to using the Admin role for all users. Read more about roles under admin concepts

LangSmith relies on RBAC to manage user permissions. This allows you to control who can access your LangSmith workspace and what they can do within the account. Only users with the workspace:manage permission can can manage access control.

Create a role

By default, LangSmith comes with a set of system roles:

  • Admin - has full access to all resources within the workspace
  • Viewer - has read-only access to all resources within the workspace
  • Editor - has full permissions except for workspace management (adding/removing users, changing roles, configuring service keys)

If these do not fit your access model, admins can create custom roles to suit your needs.

To create a role, navigate to the Roles tab in the Members section of the Settings page

Click on the Create Role button to create a new role. You should see a form like the one below:

Create Role

Assign permissions for the different LangSmith resources that you want to control access to.

Assign a role to a user

Once you have your roles set up, you can assign them to users. To assign a role to a user, navigate to the Members tab in the Members section of the Settings page

Each user will have a Role dropdown that you can use to assign a role to them.

Assign Role

You can also invite new users with a given role.

Invite User

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